(if straight)Ever had a homosexual experience? (if gay) ever endured a heterosexual experience?

(if straight)Ever had a homosexual experience? (if gay) ever endured a heterosexual experience?

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i’d like to determine if any right dudes and girls out here have ever had a homosexual experience or experimented with regards to sex? I read about such things as circle jerking occurring with young males and I also’m yes an equivalent is had by the girls. Nevertheless i’ve never ever heard anybody we ask admit to doing things such as this and I also had been wondering in this judgement free zone here if anyone has received a personal experience like this or any type of experimentation because of the exact same intercourse.

Exactly the same to whoever is homosexual right right here. We have a few male that is gay as well as all did things with girls before finally being released. Please share your experiences when you have had any.

Well, I happened to be right up to my very first homosexual experience! I can answer this so I suppose. As it sounds although I can’t help with this circle jerk experience you’ve heard of, I’ve no idea what the girl equivalent would be (circle poke?) but I’ve never been involved in one of those, as fun.

I do not consider explaining the problem and also to transform this post into softcore pornography, just as much I did experiment when I was younger as I believe ZD needs more of that, but. We’d had boyfriends before and my very first time ended up being with a man, nevertheless the a very hot bodybuilder men important factor We always noticed had been We style of had the same attraction to a girl as I did to dudes. When I stated in the past, “I have the tingleys.” Now this really is more frequent with women, i do believe, than guys, locating the gender that is same, therefore I never ever thought such a thing from it. However it did not actually disappear and also the fascination simply began building. And therefore it had been simply whenever spending time with my pal Claire at her home one evening once I simply kind of threw it nowadays, quite nervously, plus one thing resulted in another actually as she discussed experiencing exactly the same. She had her hand rubbing my thigh and material and it just felt appropriate, it had beenn’t strange at all, in reality it felt a little more strange and much more nerve wracking with some guy; it had been a “Why have not we been achieving this all along?” minute, thus I thought I happened to be a lesbian! Then again I didn’t stop finding dudes appealing, therefore, identified i am bisexual.

Since that time I had girlfriends and boyfriends, we tended to simply flip between with regards to the individual without any issue. And so I suppose I had a complete large amount of homosexual experiences in addition to straight ones.

Plus it was not a option, just in case this subject of conversation takes place that I realised one day as it often does, it’s just something. The choice that is only whether or perhaps not we pursued it.

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We’ve never really had an experience that is homosexual but i must say i want to be bisexual. It’d be good in order to fall in love and now have intercourse with either sex since it would offer me so much more options. Regrettably i recently just can’t find other males romantically or sexually appealing. I’m not necessarily against experimenting intimately with a guy though, therefore the looked at it generally does not turn me down quite definitely. It simply does not turn me personally on either. If I am able to get invited to more orgies we are going to see just what takes place.

But yeah, i truly do not even belong in this thread; i simply really want i possibly could have experiences that are homosexual.

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Considering the fact that my whole relationship with intercourse is really a bit floppity that is flip i ought to probably explain that being a more youthful teen i did not understand numerous guys because we went along to a girls college. We never ever felt drawn to.girls But we never truly felt drawn to males either. Often we wondered that much thought if I was gay or asexual but I didn’t give it. It surely did not bother me personally. Anyhow we hit fifteen and came across a child and discovered yes the planet earth moves. We destroyed my virginity at that age too. I guess from then on because I really knew dudes We determined I happened to be drawn to them most likely. Quite definitely so. But one a girl kissed me and I let her to satisfy any curiosity I had day. I felt practically nothing also then. We have simply no attraction sexual or physical to girls. We made away with a girl that is different time because well I happened to be horny and thought well it is much better than absolutely nothing i would also check it out since it could have simply been this one woman. But nope. It absolutely wasn’t unpleasant it absolutely was just a little like once you practice kissing your something or pillow. I have perhaps maybe not been enthusiastic about doing such a thing intimate with a woman since that time. I could appreciate a fairly woman but We do not want to perform some do with girls. I will be 100% straight. I am really open minded though.

I don’t think girls have jerk group equivalent. After all, We have some memories that are odd I happened to be young of me and my pal referring to intercourse and whatever therefore we’d style of hump pillows but we don’t have concept everything we had been doing or it was intimate by itself. We never touched one another and although I suppose it absolutely was masturbation i did not even comprehend what that has been during the time being just around six or eight. I ought to probably state additionally we did not also actually kniw just what intercourse ended up being, simply stuff older kids had told us. I did not understand the penis gets into the vagina or such a thing.